About Us

LeasEasy is an integrated platform for you to easily access residential properties, co-living and co-working renting options. This mobile and web based facility simplifies the renting process for tenants and landlords, with use of sophisticated technology and our high quality customer service. This will assist in having access to the right rental options without compromising on your requirements.

There are several challenges currently, for both landlords and tenants which makes the process drawn out and frustrating. LeasEasy is focussed at addressing these challenges and filling those essential gaps providing a service with is stress-free and actually enjoyable. The services we offer streamline all systems and processes associated with renting properties.

We have highly skilled professionals and experts in the real estate domain which has helped throughout the execution of this platform, enabling us to provide a bespoke and customer focussed service. The co-founders have a collective experience of more than 20 years in real estate and more than 10 years of experience in using technology to address such challenges. We understand the stress and anxieties attached to finding the perfect place whether that is to live in, or work from.

We not only help you find the best options based on your exact requirements, we help you to finalise a place you're looking forward to living in/working from, all the way to the moving-in kit which provides you with essential information to ease the process of you settling in. We do not see this as a one-off process, this is a long standing relationship which we build with landlords and tenants.